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Have some free images of a recent trip to the Peak District.
August 25, 2017

Here you go: 

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I haven't photographed anything since February. Life came at me and my little family unit hard around about the same time of me really getting into my photography. Then the downward spiral of depression happened shortly after which left me unwilling to pick up a camera let alone share anything visually. The camera stayed in it's bag, haunting me of a time I'd rather move on from.

I still can't articulate depression. Like I've mentioned in previous posts, it was nothing that was supposed to happen to me.

This isn't a 'woe is me' post (although reading it over it certainly sounds like that 😄 ), I've tried to stay away from that, but nevertheless, I find it's important to talk about it. Especially now.

I've talked to everyone about it. And with the best intentions that most people have nothing makes it go away. Nothing and no one, not even the closest people in my life.

A few weeks ago we took a family walk up to Teggs Nose and the late summer day revealed a sea of purple that took our breath away. We were inspired. The following week I booked a day off and drove to Surprise Point in the Peak District for the sunrise.

In what seemed like a perfect metaphor for the year that was so far, the day was overcast. I persevered. Climbed to the top of the Tor and the sun broke. Just. Just enough. Behind a shroud of mist. And it cast an eerie glow over the English landscape. Hauntingly beautiful.

Things are better. Much better. I now realise that this is something I (like a lot of people) have to manage. Escaping from your worries on a muggy morning won't solve things that are going on in your life or in your head. But it helps a little. Getting out and away to do something I have deeply enjoyed previously settled something in my head. The camera was starting to become a symbol of a dark time and I needed to come to terms with that. There was no epiphany or enlightened moment or feeling of lightness that you'd expect from this sort of thing, yet driving back I felt a little bit more complete.

I want you to have these images. I don't know why, hopefully in some small way they will give you some pleasure. Maybe. I just had a need to get them out and to someone.

Stay safe, stay healthy, drink water, give yourself a break and take care of yourself. You're a good person x

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