Week 2

Sam Smith's pubs digital ban, Novacene and End of Year review season
January 10, 2020

🎧 Blimey, the music I've been listening to this week has been pretentious.

📖 Into the woods by John Yorke

🏃🏽‍♂️no running this week as I've still got an injured knee :sadface:

🧘🏼mental resilience tested this week. Felt able to cope. Only meditated once.

🚀goals: support trial launch, gather feedback for end of year reviews, think about trial next steps.

🤳Monday I woke up to this tweet from Sally Lait. Sam Smith brewery pubs have banned digital devices from all their pubs in an effort to get their patrons to talk to each other more. I presume they've taken out all the digital cash registers too and are forcing their staff to use their bloody minds and hands like we did in The Good Old Days™. This is short-term thinking and nostalgia porn mixed in with a bit of old school bloody mindedness at it's finest :chefs-kiss: they're locking out a huge cohort of patrons who use their phones to access things most of us take for granted - magnifying apps, insulin notifications, google to help with language translation. But it ignores the fact that these devices are ubiquitous for almost every aspect of our lives in this age. I'm all for digital detoxes but it's not on for a pub to parent me on something that is quickly becoming a human right. Yes, other pubs are available and yes I will be going to my local Sam Smith's as they have stupidly cheap beer and I can go outside. Like we all did during our Christmas party! :taps-the-sign:

🔮Which leads on to my first finished book of the year: Novacene by James Lovelock. Using his Gaia theory as a foundation, James argues that humanity's next geological age on this Earth (we're currently in the Anthropocene age) will be shared with cyborgs of which we will effectively give birth to. With the current climate crisis likely to be unresolved by then it's in the cyborgs best interest to not murder us as we can help keep the Earth alive. It's a short book that covers a lot. It gets a bit science fiction towards the end, but it's still a great read. I want to be thinking like James Lovelock at 100 years old. What a legend.

✏️Although I technically started back at work on the 2nd and 3rd, it felt like this was the first week back. And what a week! One week before our trial goes live and things start to break - typical. From my point of view, there's not much I can do apart from manage stakeholder expectations. So I've been back in figma figuring out what post-launch iterations we will do.

👨‍💼Awesome all dayer with store managers on Wednesday. This is when our little trial gets real. We've spent far too long in our ivory tower tinkering on a thing that we couldn't get into colleagues hands. Better late than never. Excited for next week.

✅It's End of Year Review season. With all my other responsibilities on Membership this has unfortunately taken a back seat. Luckily the group pushed it back, but that just gave me more of an excuse to push it to back of my mind. So I've been hurriedly gathering feedback on my direct reports and setting up 1:1s for the end of the month. This is the year I get better at this I swear.

🤼‍♂️I gave and received feedback from Dave yesterday and that was great. Top things I need to work on are finish things I start (especially if they impact others), think about when I being self deprecating in front of others and be more intentional with my objectives. So, here are my fortnightly objectives:

  1. support trial launch
  2. gather feedback for end of year reviews
  3. think about trial next steps

👋See you next week!