Week 3

Launching a little and looking forward into a new year
January 17, 2020

🎧 Here's the music I've been listening to this week. Loving MJ Cole's return to UKG and Jack Stauber is lush.

📖 Into the woods by John Yorke. This is getting a bit tedious now. A good advertisement on how _not_ to get to a point with less words

🏋️ no running again this week as my knee's still bad. But it has improved a lot. Physio booked in next Tuesday and doing loads of squats in the meantime

🧘🏼‍♂️ another tough mental wellbeing week. Found out some bad news and internalised it a lot. bounced back the day after. 3 mornings of meditation

🚀 👈 goals this week:

  1. support trial launch ✅
  2. gather feedback for end of year reviews
  3. think about trial next steps.

🚀 👉 goals next week:

  1. prepare for end of year reviews
  2. think about trial next steps
  3. start thinking about design strategy for membership

🚧 our trial launched! But it almost didn't 😳 thanks to the heroics of Colin and some other awesomley talented engineers in the 11th hour they hauled it over the line.

📱 as anticipated, the first day was an anti-climax. The demographic in the store skew older during the week day, so won't use our new tech. We knew this. I'm looking forward to the weekends learnings from the younger, convenience shopper.

🤲 on Thursday we had an away day for all the business functions in CMCO (Chief Membership and Customer Office - don't ask). Digital is part of that. It was great to talk to people in Marketing, Food retail and property, and communities about what they are up to. We heard about the Co-op's new strategic direction for 2020. I got thanked by the exec for the work I've done recently which was nice.

Handwritten by the CMO no less

🔮 which got me thinking about design in the areas I look after - membership and communities. These two areas are central to the 2020 plans. So I'm going to start thinking what we could do to tie these bits together in our own design strategy.

✏️ I crashed a teams design crit this week and realised how I need to get a little closer to them. The designer hadn't explored the context of the design yet so it was unclear of how design fit with everything else to the rest of the team. The result was a pile on the design and the designer. I felt bad. The design was good, but the team needed to zoom out of the detail. I'll be supporting them next week.

🌈 intro chat with our partner, ustwo, for one of our new communities alphas. Good to have them onboard again and looking forward to sharing knowledge and learning from them again.

🐦 design twitter is exhausting me again recently, so I've been purposefully disengaging from that discourse. Jumped back into one of my design slack groups (Design Social Club). Worried it's just more of the same. Although I did help support someone who is going through a rough time, so at least I was helpful.

😕 someone who has been hugely influential in my career has handed in their notice for pastures new. Sad times. I totally understand their reasons, but I can't help but feel down on it. The news took the wind out of me. I bounced back pretty quickly and I'm feeling optimistic about the next year. But still... 😭 change is the only constant I guess.

💼 shout out to my place of work. It's tough, but I really appreciate working here. I'm lucky enough to able to work flexible to take my daughter swimming and do school runs without anyone giving me shit or making passive aggressive comments. It's ace.

👉 next week I'll be stepping away from the 'design doing' more and queuing up better designers than me to take over. Looking forward to thinking about the future of our product areas.

👋 See you next week!