Week 7

A trip to London, user flows, productive design crits and productive disagreements
February 14, 2020

🎧 Music. Including a English punk folk version of New Order's Love Vigilantes and cinematic synths from Futurecop!

📖 already half way through Why Are We Yelling: The Art of Productive Disagreement. I often try to avoid conflict or disagreement. At the very least I find it uncomfortable. This book is already making me think differently about disagreements. Nearly finished my night time read, This is How you Lose the Time War. Lovely prose in there.

🏃🏽‍♂️1 gym session for loaded squats this week. Felt good after. But knee is still painful.

🧘🏼‍♂️ one morning of meditation. Good vibes this week (generally)!

🚀👈 goals this week:

  1. set up team for next steps on trial ✅
  2. think about digital research with insight - talked about this 🤷‍♂️
  3. digitise maps from identity workshop - 1/5 done

🚀👉 goals next week:

  1. digitise other maps for identity - 1/5
  2. get the wider design team thinking about the customer experience outside their service (prepare for and run mapping workshop in the All Design community of practice)
  3. communicate the goals of membership evolution to the wider membership team (prepare for and run membership evo show and tell with joel)

🗺 at the 11th hour this week I managed to complete a user flow for identity and ecom from the workshop last week. Again, unsure whether this is helpful for anyone right now, but it's helping me get my head round it. Next week I'll do the other flows and see how they over lap.

😰 big chats this week with Katherine, Adam and the other principals about how the design team should be structured. Fingers crossed we get a bunch of roles signed off 🤞

💼 I am sick to the back teeth with IR35

🏙 spent a day in London on Thursday. In the morning I went to an event held by Clearleft on design leadership. The first panel was dominated by design system chat :yawn: the second was more interesting. Especially from Ana Jakimovska from Culture Trip and Conor Ward from BT talking about design orgs and responsibilities. Fav line from Ana: 'design has fought for their place at the table, but design shouldn't on it's own be accountable for business objectives. A big part of the "sell" is emotional connectivity and that can only come from design'

☕️ I then met up with Kodj at ustwo to talk about the work he is doing on co-operate, our design system and it's constraints, and his route into design. I've asked him to push the design a little bit and feed that back to the design community. Then met up with rob from Bulb to talk about their design team set up and design systems.

👨‍🎨 sick to the back teeth with talking about design systems.

🗣 lifted the curtain on membership evolution a bit more to the wider digital team at the All Hands. There was a fair few people and I was super nervous for some reason. Fluffed my lines 😫

✏️ really productive design crit with the designers for membership evo. We had great designs from Asher to build on. At the end of it we all came away with a clear idea on what to iterate on and what we're building next. It helped that the designs were already solving a problem and we had a clear outcome we wanted to get to. It was ace and everyone was pumped afterwards.

💻 macbook finally gave up the ghost, so I've got a stand in until I get another one!

📈 all end of year reviews done!

😔 totally misjudged a situation that I thought was an opportunity for someone but they took it as the exact opposite!

👋 hope you had a great weekend